T-Money card in Korea

T-Money: Getting a Refund

During my last visit in Korea, I had a an excess money in my T-Money which I felt the need to refund since it might take a year or so before I go back.

This ran across my mind when I was in the airport for my return flight.

I knew I can process a refund in a specific machine which I saw in select subway stations, however it is not available in the airport. Just to make sure, I approached customer service.

She confirmed that the machine is not available and she advised me to have the refund processed instead in a convenience store at the 1st floor.

I bought my T-money card in CU [CVS for You] on the first floor, so I went there.

I approached a young man at the counter, and when I mentioned, “refund”, he knew what to do.

He scanned the card and issued a refund in cash immediately.


  1. A T-money card can be kept for future use. It does not expire.
  2. It will not be collected upon refund since it was purchased separately.

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