GrabPay account number: what to use?

This is me guessing what a GrabPay account number is.

So, lately I placed my usual monthly grocery order through GrabMart. What I usually do is pay with my credit card through GrabPay.

I only add the exact amount for every purchase including any discount.

For “this” particular order, everything went well until the store, Robinsons supermarket, texted me and said that one item off my grocery list is out of stock. So, they asked permission to removed it which I immediately approved.

It was too late to request for a replacement. So, the app notified me of the removal and price update.

The system removed the discount for missing the target amount after the update, and so I have to pay an additional 10 pesos. Meaning, I have to top up again or else my account will remain restricted (unable to use GrabPay but Cash).

The order went through though and the rider delivered the groceries to me within an hour.

The system did not send me the receipt as usual, but sent me a payment failure notification instead.

I don’t want my account with a restriction nor a balance, so I transferred the amount from my BPI account for free.

Transferring money to GrabPay is the same with other bank. I just had to enter the amount, account number, whatever.

It was my first time, so I have no idea what my account number is.

I then remember using my phone number to add funds to my PayMaya account. So, I thought it would be the same for GrabPay since customer service usually ask for my registered phone number whenever I contact them.

So, I tried and it worked!

GrabPay account number

Much to my surprise, the Grab app sent me a notification as soon as I tap on the Submit button on the BPI app.

So, what is GrabPay account number?

Lesson learned, GrabPay account number for transferring funds from BPI is my registered phone number! ❤️

How-To Guides

Enroll Citibank Credit Card to BPI

I had to enroll Citibank credit card to BPI recently. That would help me pay my bills online which is convenient than taking a trip to a bank, department store, whatever.

So, here’s what I did to register the card.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

I already have an existing BPI Online account, so all I have to do is to enroll the Citibank card.

  1. Signed in to my BPI Online account. Note that card enrollment via app is currently not possible.

    1 Sign in to BPI Online - Enroll Citibank Credit Card to BPI

  2. I went to the Main Menu > Other Services > Manage Recipients

    2 Go to Manage Recipients under Other Services

  3. Tapped on Add New Recipient

    3 Tap Add New Recipient

  4. I chose “Biller” > “Citibank”, then typed in my 16-digit card number in the reference box

    4 Choose Billers then Citibank Credit Card

  5. Reviewed and confirmed biller details

  6. Requested for an authentication code

    5 Request for an authentication code

  7. Entered and submitted the code sent to my registered mobile number

    6 Enter the code sent by BPI

  8. Enrollment is successful!

    7 Enroll Citibank Credit Card to BPI successful

That’s it! That’s how you enroll Citibank credit card to BPI.

I can pay immediately, but I pay on the bill’s due date. :)


How to activate BPI credit card?

How to activate BPI credit card?

If you just received your first BPI credit card, there is no need to activate it manually on the app, by text, or whatever. Your card is pre-activated and ready to use.

If you already have an existing BPI Online account and you’ve provided the same registered email address during your BPI credit card application, BPI most likely added it to your account automatically. No need for manual activation, registration, or enrollment.

How to activate BPI credit card


How to enroll biller in BPI app?

How to enroll biller in BPI app?

Unfortunately, enrolling a biller in BPI app is not possible as of the moment. If you already have a BPI Online account, you can do it on the BPI Online website instead. Just go to the Main Menu > Other Services > Manage Recipients > Add New Recipient.

Note that username and password for both BPI Online and app are the same.

How to enroll biller in BPI app


05SI Service Charge BPI: Explanation

Did BPI charge an amount with the “05SI service charge“ description to your account? Don’t know what it means? Read on!

Time to Update

I first wrote about this topic in 2016. Like some, I dunno what is it for. So, to get an answer, I called BPI.

Fast forward, today, May 30, 2020, I noticed that the same charge topped a list in Google Trends. I then checked my old post’s stats and saw that there are still some accessing it.

I thought it’s time to make an update. So, I created this separate post.

05SI service charge on the BPI Express website (2016)
05SI service charge on the BPI Express website (2016)

So, what is 05SI service charge?

So, what is 05SI service charge?

IT is the sum of the fees for withdrawing cash via non-BPI ATMs. The current fee is 15 pesos per transaction.

So, let’s say, I have a BPI debit mastercard. Then, this May, I’ve withdrawn cash via a BDO ATM on two separate days. Therefore, BPI will charge me 30 pesos (15 x 2).

Based on my observation, BPI charges the fee real-time. However, after the cut-off, or once the system updates, they return the money. They will then charge the fee(s) again at once by the end of the month or whatever. Like this:

05SI Service Charge BPI 2

BPI charged me 15 peso 05SI this month. That is because I only had one cash withdrawal via a third-party ATM.


This is your BPI debit card CVV code

1. What is the CVV code of your BPI debit Mastercard?

It’s the three digit code at the back of your card. It’s the usual information that you need to complete an online transaction. Say, you’re ordering something online, or you’ll use your card as a payment method for a subscription with a recurring payment.

To enable your BPI debit Mastercard for online transactions, just sign in to BPI Online. Next, go to the main menu > Others services > Card control.

Lastly, tap “Show card settings” under the card you want to use for online transaction. Then, use the E-commerce slider to turn the feature on or off.

BPI will send a one-time verification code to your registered phone number if you wish to use the feature.

Activating BPI debit mastercard online transaction or e-commerce access

2. What does the CVV code look like on a BPI debit Mastercard?

It’s like this:

BPI debit mastercard CVV code

3. What is the CVV code of your BPI debit EPS?

Unfortunately, as per BPI, you can’t use it for online transactions. So, no CVV.


This is how to load PayMaya using BPI online account • 2020

It’s been a long time since my last post related to BPI. Now, this’ gonna be the first time that I will write a guide about PayMaya. In this blog, I will guide anyone on how to load PayMaya using BPI online account.

Talking about first, I’m not using any financial accounts outside BPI. But then, PayMaya, an e-wallet app, came to my life. 😆 It’s because I needed a replacement to my credit card for online transactions.

I’d been transferring or adding money to PayMaya through my BPI online account. However, BPI hasn’t fixed the “This feature is temporarily unavailable” error yet. So, I dumped PayMaya for a few months, then went back to using my credit card.

Now, as in today, I reinstalled the app and I was amazed to see BPI as an option. So, after trying, I’m now ready to share the knowledge.

What do you need?

First things first, I wanna talk about the requirements, in order to load PayMaya using BPI online account, first, you need internet obviously. Secondly, the PayMaya app with an active account. Thirdly, an active BPI online account with funds from a savings account or what. And lastly, a phone bearing the phone number or SIM card registered to the BPI online account. Like any other online services nowadays, the following transaction that I’ll explain involves authorization using one-time PIN aka OTP. Okay?

How to load PayMaya using BPI online account

This will not take so much time to do. IMO. 😆

  1. Open your PayMaya app, then on the home screen, tap Add Money.

    Tap on the Add money option • How to load PayMaya using BPI online account

  2. Tap the very first option; Bank account.

    Tap on Bank account

  3. Tap the BPI logo.

    Tap on the sole option • How to load PayMaya using BPI online account

  4. Type in the amount you would like to transfer or add to your PayMaya account. Then, hit Continue.

    The minimum amount is 500 pesos. On the other hand, the maximum is 20,000 pesos.

    Type in the amount you want to add or transfer to your PayMaya account.

  5. Check the amount, then tap Continue.

    Based on the test I’ve conducted, there’s no transaction fee, transfer fee or load fee. Note that PayMaya or BPI may provide this service free-of-charge temporarily.

    This is the amount confirmation page • How to load PayMaya using BPI account

  6. Note that you will complete the next steps on BPI’s side. To start, sign in to your BPI online account. If you have a mobile app, enter the same login, then tap Accept.

    This is the first screen on BPI side to complete the transaction.

  7. Select the source account or the account on which the system will take the money from. Tap Continue to proceed.

    Note that credit card is not an option at the moment.

    Select the account on which to get the funds from.

  8. Tap Send code to proceed with authorizing the transaction.

    Tap the button to request for a verification code from BPI

  9. Type in the six digit code that BPI sent to the phone number. Tap on Submit to complete the load transaction.

    Type in the authentication code

  10. If everything’s correct and working, you will see a confirmation like this:


    Once the transaction has been authorized and processed, the app will show a confirmation • How to load PayMaya using BPI account

  11. The PayMaya app will reflect the added money or fund real time.

    The app now reflects the transferred or added money.

So, that’s it! That’s how you load PayMaya using BPI online account. Hopefully, it helps. If not, feel free to rant in the comment section below. Cheers!


Does BPI Support 3D Secure?

As online merchants are now supporting 3D Secure, many local banks are yet to support it, but BPI already does [though it took a while]. 😂

Not sure as to when it was exactly implemented, but if my memory serves me right, it was the time when they sent out an update to their clients about the One-Time Password feature which is eventually the 3D Secure thing.

What is It For?

3D Secure is a sort of a security feature deployed on a certain card brand which is used to authorize and authenticate a certain transaction, for example, MasterCard SecureCode which BPI implemented not only for credit cardholders, but for prepaid cardholders as well.

I thought it’s only for credit cards and I was surprised to find out that they have implemented it on prepaid cards as well.

Instead of “MasterCard SecureCode” or “Verified by VISA”, it appears that they rebranded or named it to One-Time Password.

For BPI cardholders, there’s no need to enroll.

Every eligible cardholder can take advantage of the feature without signing-up. Just need to update the email address or mobile number in an online banking account as much as possible. Those are the two details that a one-time and unique PIN or password used to authenticate an online transaction can be sent to. So, either should be working or accurate.

Example of BPI OTP sent via email
Example of BPI OTP sent via email

Aside from updating contact information in BPI Express Online [EOL], calling customer service at 89-100 is another option for both credit and prepaid cardholders. Last option is to fill out a certain form or whatever, then drop by to a BPI office.

One-Time Password feature is free-of-charge.


BPI: How to Get a Bank Statement

Need a bank statement for VISA application, or for whatever purpose? If yes, read on.

What is a Bank Statement

It is a documentation which contains an account’s, say savings, transaction history. The more transactions made, the more papers needed to print it.

How Much Does It Cost

Actually, I’m not sure. 😂

PHP100.00 is the total amount deducted from my savings account when I requested a bank statement and certification last time in BPI Megamall.

If my memory serves me right, it’s the same amount I paid for my bank cert a few months ago. Prolly, the statement is free if a certification is requested too.

Again, I’m not sure. As per the website, if “from Bank Statement Unit” [what a jargon], the first three pages costs 100 pesos and there’s an additional PHP10.00 per succeeding page.

How to Get a Bank Statement

Just go to any BPI branch and proceed to customer service. A form must be filled out prior to processing.

Usually, a bank statement is issued immediately or during a visit.


Want to Get A Credit Card The Surest Way?

To get approved for a credit card may be a challenge for you. It’s up to the bank whether to issue one.

The good news is there is an alternate way to get a card without going through the eye of a needle. How? Grab an SCC!

If you are already fed up and would like to get your first card with 100% approval, then read on!


On December 17, 2015, I ditched UnionBank, and I transferred my savings to BPI. I signed up for a passbook account with them.

Since BPI declined my CC application for whatever reason, I decided to get a credit card through their Express Start Program.

What is Express Start?

It’s a program for us or for new and existing BPI account holders who wish to get a credit card without submitting the usual papers. The primary requirement is collateral by holding a certain amount in a savings or time deposit (TD) account.

The purpose of the collateral is to secure a card that BPI will issue or solely for their peace of mind.

The standard contract duration is one year. After that, you can request the release of your held fund and a regular credit card without collateral.

If you wish to build a credit history, but gets denied by banks or lending companies, your alternate option is SCC.

Please note that if you have an unpaid balance, BPI has the right to recover, charge or deduct your debt including interest and penalties from your account. They have the right as well to terminate your card if there’s a violation. It’s on the contract.

Tip: Secured credit card or SCC is the usual term for a card released through this kind of program.


A Savings or Time Deposit account – Passbook or BPI Express Teller ATM card (regular or payroll).

The minimum hold-out amount is 10,000 pesos if you will use a savings account. If Time Deposit, it’s PHP50,000.

You can sign up for an account and a credit card at the same time. If you want to know more about the process, check out this guide.

A photocopy of your valid ID – UMID (Unified Multi-Purpose ID), Driver’s License, Passport, etc.

A fully-accomplished Deed of Assignment and BPI Express Start application form – The first one must be filled out in three copies. It’s the contract.

Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR), work permit or embassy accreditation papers – This applies to foreigners only.

Age – You should be 18 or above.

See? No Certificate of Employment (COE), BIR Form 2316, payslips, or whatever.

Where to Apply

You can only sign up at any BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank in the country.

Approval and Credit Limit

If BPI approves your application, they will provide you a credit limit up to 90% of your frozen fund.

For example, if your hold-out amount is 10,000 pesos, BPI will provide you a credit limit of up to 9,000.

BPI will hold the remaining amount, and you can’t use it. The approval rate should be 100%, but I would say 99% because it is still subject to approval.

When I signed up for my card, I am 100% sure that my application will be approved and it was!

Approval Confirmation and Card Delivery

BPI told me that the time frame is 21 days, and they will call me about my application. They never did though.

For reference, here’s the timeline of my experience:

■ December 17, 2015 (Day 1) – I signed up for a credit card at one of the BPI branches in Ortigas.

■ December 28, 2015 (Day 12) – I called customer service (89-100) to follow up my application. The representative confirmed that it was approved. She told me that my credit card information might be posted late to my EOL account due to holidays.

■ January 5, 2016 (Day 20) – BPI uploaded my account details. At 1:33 p.m. on the same day, I received a text message from “BPIDelivery” about the delivery of the card within 5 to 10 business days.

■ January 13, 2016 (Day 28) – I have no idea where the card is, so I called customer service again. I requested to forward it to the BPI branch near my place, and they advised me to wait another six business days for the update. :(

■ January 15, 2016 (Day 30) – BPIDelivery told me through text message to pick up the card.

■ January 18, 2016 (Day 33) – I successfully claimed the envelope.

It took a month, but still, it was worth the wait.

BPI delivers a card through LBC and Air21.

Please note that the card that BPI will issue to you is pre-activated. There’s no need to call them up. You can use it asap.

If you have an existing EOL account and you wrote your registered email address on the application form, BPI will automatically associate your card details.

SCC from Other Banks

Aside from BPI, you can also apply for an SCC from UnionBank, RCBC, etc.

Please note that policy and procedure might change without prior notice.

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P.S. Should you need assistance, feel free to email me here. Make sure that your email address is valid if you want to hear from me. If you want, you can also inquire through the comments section below. You may also read the inquiries from other readers.