Reload Smart Bro Account Using Prepaid Load Card

Aside from Smart Money and Electronic Load (e-Load), Smart Bro Prepaid subscribers can also reload their accounts using Smart Broadband Prepaid Load Cards available in Smart stores and thousands of resellers nationwide.

Smart Broadband Prepaid Load Card is available in three denominations. The cheapest is 100 which is valid for 30 days and good up to 300 minutes of browsing session. The next one is 300 valid for 75 days and good up to 900 minutes of internet browsing. And lastly, the highest denomination available is 500 which is good for 120 days. It can be used up to 1500 minutes of browsing session.

All Smart Bro load cards have an expiration date printed at the back of the card.

A load card is considered invalid on its expiration date.

Load cards pricing varies depending on the store or seller. It is available in any LoadCentral partner outlets nationwide as well as some online shopping websites like, eBay, Digital Martian and many more.

Customers can buy it using credit cards. The item delivery is via email.

How to Top-Up Smart Bro Prepaid Load Card

Through SMS

Text the following syntax using a Smart GSM cell phone or through SMS window in Smart Bro Plug-It dashboard.


Send it to 1510

*Don’t include the cellphone number when topping up using the Smart Bro SIM card.

A minimum of P1.00 load is required.

The 14-digit PIN is at the back of the card. Scratch off the protective ink, the grey panel, to reveal it.

An example of Smart Bro Prepaid Load Card PIN
Smart Bro Prepaid Load Card

Smart will confirm load receipt after a few minutes.

Over The Phone

Load cards can be topped-up as well by calling 1510 + PIN. This is a good alternative for accounts with no balance.

Note: Smart Bro products available from LoadCentral are electronic PINS, e-PINs for short. The load will be credited automatically to the buyer’s Smart Bro account without the need to top-up.