Terminating Gadget Care

There may be different methods to do this, but mine was processed over the phone. I contacted 7301000.

Cancelling a Gadget Care subscription over the phone takes a few minutes and the request, once processed, is effective immediately.

I’m skeptical of Globe’s assurance, so I checked my plan online.

If my memory serves me right, Gadget Care is on my add-ons list and it disappeared the same day. I contacted Gie and she confirmed:

Please note that a subscription, regardless of the remaining days, will be nullified even if a current bill was settled. Meaning, the device is no longer covered. No pro-ration or partial refund will be provided.

Here’s a relevant section in Gadget Care’s terms and conditions:

G. The insurance premium will be charged to the Subscriber’s monthly postpaid bill. The Subscriber will be billed the insurance premium for the relevant insurance plan upon enrollment thereon. The insurance premium will not be pro-rated even if Subscriber opts out or terminates the insurance plan prior to the expiration of the 30-day period, and no refund shall be given to the Subscriber in the event of opt out or termination.

The CSR offered a “scheduled or delayed cancellation” since the topic in regard to above clause came up, but I refused due to bad experience with Globe. I’d rather have it cancelled asap, or get into trouble. Just my two cents.

I’m glad they processed my request without breaking a sweat.

It’s free to cancel.

To confirm cancellation, ask Gie of Globe in Facebook Messenger.

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