Tips Before Joining a Day Tour in Dingalan

Dingalan can be one of your choices for a quick escape from Manila. Hindi lang siya mura, but you can also do several activities such as trekking, swimming, hopping, diving, etc.

To get the most out of your tour, these tips might be helpful to you:

1. The tour price varies per organizer. Unless “all-in”, you may pay extra pagdating sa location. For example, foods, extra activities, gears, whatever.

The tour price usually ranges from 800 pesos to 1,000. Kasama na dyan ang transportation.

Always clarify the details of your tour!

2. Join a tour without downpayment

This is to avoid scammers.

3. Pack Light

When I went to Dingalan two weeks ago, I brought just a pair of swimming clothes na pwedeng outfit na din pang-akyat ng bundok (all-around na beh). Day tour lang naman, so why not pack light?

Aside from the swimming attire, I also brought just the essentials (phone, cash, toiletries, etc). Sobrang gaan lang ng bag ko. As in pabebe lang.

4. A Particular Activity May Be Cancelled

For example, if sobrang maalon at pupunta kayo sa isang place by boat, sa malamang “canceled” yan.

If you paid for an activity and hindi siya nag-push through, you’ll be refunded or depende sa agreement.

5. Paghandaan ang Pag-akyat ng Bundok

In my opinion, “Batanes of the East” is the main attraction in Dingalan. This involves trekking. Short lang ang trail, though puro siya paakyat. It takes 10 to 30 minutes to reach the view deck.

To aid tourists, may lubid along the trail. Mapabata, mapa-young at heart ay pwedeng umakyat.

No need to bring a huge bag unless you really need it. Ok na ‘yong hand-carry na water bottle and trail food tapos lagay mo ‘ung gadget mo sa bulsa mo. You can leave your bag sa White Beach.

You can wear slippers or sandals. I recommend it especially kung maganda ang panahon (hindi naulan). Kahit huwag ka na magsuot ng shoes.

Take note that you’ll ride a boat, so medyo challenging kung naka-shoes ka lang talaga. You can remove it kapag sasakay or bababa ng boat.

6. You can use Drone if you have one

Not sure if you need to get a permit, pero one issue that may prevent you from using your aircraft is ‘yong malakas na hangin sa taas.

7. The Lighthouse has a separate trail

If kaya, go lakad. If not, let your guide know. Usually, kung ano ang decision ng nakararami, ‘yon ang nasusunod.

8. You can walk up to Tanawan Falls

Tanawan Falls is one of the tourist destinations in Dingalan.

You can ride a tricycle or motorbike to the destination. If kaya naman, lakarin mo na lang and meet some folks along the way. Walking distance actually.

9. Rashguard, hat, and sunblock are your friends

Walang bubong mostly ang mga passenger boat sa Dingalan. XD Also, if maaraw, mas mabilis umitim sa view deck.

10. White Beach is Not Really White

Its shade is somewhat brownish or blackish. Still, you can swim sa katubigan.

11. No internet coverage yet in the White Beach

Upload ka na lang ng pictures or update your SNS later. Enjoy the nature muna.

12. You can dive in Tanawan Falls

Be careful! If you need a vest, mag-rent ka na agad sa store along the way. Walang nagpapa-rent sa mismong location.

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