Tips: Joining A Day Tour in Hermana Menor

Hermana Menor is a private island in Zambales. You can go there by land and sea.

The location is known by its clear waters and famous sandbar. I think ‘yong latter ang usually pinupuntahan. That’s also the reason why I joined a tour recently.

If you are planning to go to Hermana Menor, these tips may help:

1. Sandbar is not permanent

Kapag masama ang panahon and malakas ang alon, nawawash-away ang sandbar. It is best to visit Hermana Menor during summer.

If sandbar lang habol mo and it’s gone, it may ruin your vacation.

2. Risky ang boat ride kapag maalon

I experienced this recently. Our group was separated into three. Nauna ako sa isla with the organizers.

Imagine, we rode a small boat tapos puro malalaking alon along the way. Para akong nasa disaster movie. Sobrang kapit ko sa gilid ng bangka due to fear.

I still trusted our boatmen kasi sila mas nakakaalam, though nakakatakot talaga ‘yong experience namin.

Please note that hindi naman laging maalon papuntang Hermana.

The boat ride is 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Magdala ng Malaking Plastic, say Garbage Bag

Kapag malakas ang alon, there’s a huge possibility na maliligo sa tubig ang backpack mo or whatever. So, protect it from a garbage bag or whatever para hindi mabasa pati loob. Madali pa man din mangalawang ang gadgets sa tubig-alat.

4. No Extra Fees

It is best to join a tour na “all-in” na. Always clarify with the organizer ‘yong inclusions ng tour. Much better kung walang downpayment.

5. You can fly a drone.

Yep! No need to get a permit.

6. No sari-sari store

I advise that you bring enough water and just your necessities.

7. Exercise caution

If maulan and malakas ang alon, be mindful of the waves. We had a member who was washed ashore while taking a picture. She got scratches from head to legs.

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