Read Before Climbing Elephant Mountain

Going to Taiwan? Planning to climb Elephant Mountain? Sure! These tips may help:

1. It’s free. You won’t pay anything except for transportation or whatever personal expense. If you have Taipei Fun Pass, then ride the MRT to Xiangshan (red line) and exit at “2”. There are signposts along the trail.

2. Bring enough water. Light snack and extra clothes too if you want.

3. It’s fine if you are not a mountaineer. The trail is for everyone.

4. The trail is cemented.

5. Wear anything convenient for you like Dri-Fit.

6. I recommend insect-repellent lotion. Mosquitoes there are scary.

7. There are seats along the way, so you can rest.

8. There are maps.

9. Not sure if there’s a schedule, but we went there at 7am.

10. See those famous shots online from the Elephant Mountain with the Taipei 101 in the background? If yes, just climb one of the rocks at the top.

11. Climb with caution!

12. You can go up and down the mountain in an hour.

13. If you sweat a lot and wants to change clothes, there’s a public CR in the park going to the MRT station. It’s free.

14. The trail is jam-packed during weekends. Both locals and tourists climb the mountain.

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