Tips: Emergency Firmware Recovery Samsung Galaxy Y

I tried updating the firmware of my Samsung Galaxy Y however it failed several times. It came to a point where I cannot use it any longer. It just keeps on popping up an error message that I need to run an emergency firmware recovery in Kies. The problem was every time Kies runs the installation of the downloaded upgrade file, it keeps on hanging until everything stops working. I worked on it for almost three hours and finally I was able to fix it. Here are the things I did to make the upgrade successful:

1. Turn off Antivirus when doing firmware upgrade.

2. Close out unnecessary applications running in the background to avoid Kies from crashing.

3. Run Kies in Windows XP as much as possible
I’m running Windows 7 when I did the update however it always fails. I even experienced reinstalling the cable drivers several times whenever I plugged in my phone on my computer. I tried to install Kies in Windows XP since my computer has the dual-boot feature (Windows 7 and Windows XP) and everything went well. I used the recovery code provided to me when I did the update in Windows 7. I didn’t check the progress until I saw my phone up and running again.


  1. By Ken Camara on

    hey, can you help me? do you still have the recovery code? the exact same thing happened to me a short while ago and I’m really just freaking out at this point so if you could just help me out… that would be really cool of you…


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