Tips on Filling Out a Korean VISA Application Form

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Below is a list of select fields or questions on the Korean VISA Application form that must be filled out whether applicable or not.

As a general rule of thumb, if a field or question is not applicable, just put N/A.

In this post, I will share how I answer them. They are actually the questions I took time to fill out. Thus, I’m sharing an idea to those who need assistance.


1. National Identity Number – I wrote N/A here. On my first print, I put my SSS number. 😂 However, I decided to write N/A.

2. Education – If a two-year course graduate, check Other, then put the highest educational attainment, say Associate, Vocational, or what-ever.

3. Purpose of Visit to Korea – Since I’m taking a vacation, I checked “Tourism”. Also, I checked “Other” and wrote “Vacation/Leisure” because I want to reiterate my purpose. 😂 They didn’t mind it though.

4. Intended Period of Stay – My plan is 5 days, however I only declared three. 😙

5. Address and Contact Number in Korea – I didn’t book a room prior to applying for a tourist VISA, so I put “N/A – Undecided”. It is not advisable to pay for an accommodation nor book a flight without VISA. It’s written on the form actually.

6. Have you travelled outside your country of residence, excluding to Korea, in the last 5 years? – Check this item if applicable and include even shorts visits/transits to any country.

7. Estimated travel costs [in US Dollars] – I put $708.00 for three days. It’s around PHP32,000.00 or 33k. I agree with the guideline: PHP10,000.00 per day.

8. Who will pay for your travel-related expenses? [any person including yourself and/or institute] – I put “myself” both in the Name of Person/Company and Relationship to you fields.

9. Type of Support – Moral? 😂 Kiddin’. I put here Financial.


  1. By Cassy Park on

    Hi Jerry! I’m planning to get a Korean visa, but I’m wondering if I can give 2 bank statements? One would be the payroll BPI account for almost 3 years, and 2nd, would be my personal savings account recently opened, just a month ago. Also, if I used my personal savings recently opened, are they going to accept it? Is it true that it should be at least a 6 month old savings? Hoping to hear from you soon!


  2. By Wilma F. Calado on

    Hi Jerry! I’m also going to apply for a Korean VISA, but since my husband is a freelancer. Will it be okay if his ITR is a withholding. Thanks. 😊


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