Things to Know: Tourist Buses in Taipei (Fun Pass)

Having a chance to use the Taipei Fun Pass for transportation, now, I’m more than happy to share these couple of tips to those who are planning to travel in northern Taiwan using the same card.

Note, I’m just referring to the bus rides here. Remember, you can use the card for unlimited Taipei Metro and city bus rides.

1. There’s an exemption

At first, I thought the buses are exclusive to tourists, but nope! Locals with the same route as you ride the same bus.

2. No need to drop by or register somewhere else. Manage your own time!

Again, at first (newbie issues), we assumed that we need to drop by an office or whatever, but we’re wrong! Just find the bus stop and confirm that the participating bus stops there. How to know? Read on!

3. There’s a bus number for each of the five participating bus routes

The Taipei Fun Pass website or Klook won’t tell you this, but I will!

Beitou Zhuzihu – 9

Gold Fulong – 856

Crown Northern – 862

Muzha Pingxi – 795

Keelung West/East – T99

Just find the number at the bus stop, and if you found it, you’re at the right track. Wait for the bus with the said number flashed on the windshield, ride, then tap in with your card.

4. Most of the drivers are locals

If there’s a language barrier, sign language is the solution. 🤣

5. Advertisements will tell you a few stops

Wrong! There are dozens of stops along the way. Not just the tourists destinations.

If solo, be attentive with the on-board announcement for each stop translated in English.

Alternatively, use Google Maps while on the road.

6. Hop on, off system

If you got off the wrong stop, just wait for the same bus again. However, it may take time.

7. Don’t be shy

If the seats are taken, feel free to stand as long as there is a space. 🤣

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