Top 14 Finalists of New 7 Wonders Of Nature Revealed

The Top 14 finalists of New 7 Wonders Of Nature were revealed today (Nov 11). Those are:

1. Amazon (South America)
2. Bu Tinah Island (United Arab Emirates)
3. Dead Sea (Israel, Jordan, Palestine)
4. Great Barrier Reef (Australia, PNG)
5. Halong Bay (Vietnam)
6. Iguazu Falls (Argentina, Brazil)
7. Jeita Grotto (Lebanon)
8. Jeju Island (South Korea)
9. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
10. Komodo National Park (Indonesia)
11. Masurian Lake District (Poland)
12. Puerto Princesa Underground River (Philippines)
13. Sundarbans (Bangladesh, India)
14. Table Mountain (South Africa)


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