How to Track an EMS Package from Japan?

EMS (Express Mail Service) is the fastest domestic and international delivery service offered by Japan Post. The delivery takes about a week which is the standard time frame.

An EMS package is traceable and insurable. A sender is usually provided with a tracking number which the recipient can use to track the package any time via the official postal administration website of the receiving country or is available not only in Japanese but in English too. The tracking tool on the website is used in checking the shipment status of a package.

Tracking an EMS Package

To track a single EMS package:

1. Go to Japan Post website.

2. Enter the tracking number in the box provided. See screenshot below.

EMS Tracking Tool
EMS Tracking Tool

An EMS tracking number consists of 13 characters. It usually starts with the letter E followed by a random letter. It ends with the originating country code, for example, EG123456789JP.

3. Click EMS Trace.

The shipment status will be shown on the next page.

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    1. Hi! I really need your help. Can you help me with my package from California? They delivered it to wrong destination in the Philippines. I tried to track it now, but USPS is not updated about it. Please help me track CW062429815US. How long will it take to get here in Saipan? Or by any chance, will I still be able to get it? Thanks!