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Tracking a Package Shipped via LBC

In this post, you will learn how to track a package shipped via LBC (branch pickup or door-to-door delivery), and to look up the tracking or booking number.

Whether you are the sender or the receiver, tracking an LBC package is as easy as pie. There are three ways (or probably more that I’m yet to discover).

You Need This

Knowing a package’s whereabouts is not possible without the essential information.

The most common information needed to track a package is the tracking number. LBC provide one for every shipment, and it is usually provided to the sender.

Here’s an example:

LBC tracking numberThis is an official receipt from LBC where a tracking number is printed. In this example, the tracking number is located below the barcode.

If you are the sender, you can easily track a package using that number. However, if you are the receiver, you should get that information from the sender, merchant or seller. Feel free to request a picture of the receipt as proof of shipment.

💡 Tracking numbers are deleted from the system. Not just sure about the time frame.

How to Track an LBC Package

Do this if you have a tracking number:

1. Go to

The website can be browsed on any working web browser on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

2. Type in or paste your tracking number in the “Track an LBC Padala” box, then press, Enter, Go, Return, or whatever on your keyboard.

Tracking an LBC packageThat’s it! If the tracking number is correct, the delivery status and/or information will appear on the next page. Otherwise, verify the tracking number, then try again.

An update does not reflect on the tracker real time especially for newly-encoded packages. You can try again after a few hours.

The standard delivery time frame for domestic shipments is one business day (Mondays to Saturdays), but it may be deferred.

No Tracking Number? 🤔

If you do not have the tracking number, but can provide other information such as the sender’s name, recipient’s name, delivery address, shipment date, etc., please call LBC’s customer service at 858-5999 if you are in Metro Manila. Otherwise, dial 1-800-10-8585-999.

Please note that mobile calls are subject to regular rates unless you are subscribed to a promo. It is best to contact LBC through landline. Alternatively, you can send them a message through Messenger, though it takes time to get a reply.

What if the Tracker is Down?

Your options are:

– To send a message to LBC through Messenger.
– To call them at 858-5999 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-10-8585999. If you’re using a smartphone, just copy the number then paste it into your dialer 📞 .

In-Transit Requests

If you want to make an adjustment to an in-transit package, you may contact LBC through the methods provided above. For example, you wish to pick up the package at a particular branch instead.

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P.S. Should you need assistance, feel free to email me here. Make sure that your email address is valid if you want to hear from me. If you want, you can also inquire through the comments section below. You may also read the inquiries from other readers.

47 replies on “Tracking a Package Shipped via LBC”

Hi i would like to track the balikbayan box send from my sister in SanFrancisco, sehe misplaced the receipt so i could i don’t have the tracking number

Can I ask something? Can you track my parcel/package because the sender is not answering my queries? I ordered last Monday and after I sent the money and I ask what is the tracking no.? Sad to say the shop is not responding.

I cannot find my receipt, and up until now my school didn’t received any documents that I sent last December

Hello good day, can someone track my parcel though I don’t have the tracking number cause the sender might fell the receipt. I just don’t know if he send or it’s just a scam. Please badly need it right now. Btw he’s from San Pablo Laguna and he’s name is Ian Valencia. Supposedly today I’ll receive my stuff cause it’s 2-3 days delivery time.

Pa help naman po, wala po kase akong tracking number na natanggap. Need ko po mapadala yun sa school ko para fully enrolled nako, kaso po wala pa ko sa list ng nakapagpadala. 2 months ago na po yung papers na yon

Good afternoon po baka po meron po kayong pangalan ng anak ko si Natalie Labasan na may nadilever na form 137 po ng anak ko matagal na po kasi yun baka po hindi makapag grade 4 ang anak ko Yung pgenrolle niya ngayon temporary lang baka nanm po kung may name ang anak ko pakitawagan po ako sa # ko 09291119132

hello, can someone help me how to track my lbc package using only the receiver name and the sender name? the sender didn’t gave me tracking number

HI! My seller only gave me a waybill, there was no tracking number there. I am scared that I can’t get my package because the LBC counter will get the tracking number once I’ll pick up the item. What should I do? Thank you for replying.

Can I ask something? Can you track my parcel/package because the sender is not answering my querries. I odered last monday and after I sent the money and I ask what is the tracking no.? Sad to say the shop is not responding.

I lost my receipt in LBC and my aunt cant claim the package without the tracking number. What should I do?

Pwede po ba mag change ng isang letter lang ng apelyido ng receiver typo error kasi ng lbc . Pano po machange online yung hindi na sana magbalik dun sa pinadalahan na branch.

How will I know the status of my package? The sender has been unresponsive. He has given me a copy of receipt but the tracking number has been erased. Please help

Hello ilang days bago dumating ang lbc. Kc ng pa lbc ako ng card ng studyante ko. Nong jan. 19
Jan. 26 na. Wla parin pototan LBC brance to himamaylan city negros occidental brances.

Good day how to track my lbc docs using my name i dont have tracking number because i lost my receipt

what if my fiancee write His lastname in my name ?
Ex Michelle Barilla instead of Michelle Bathan . i have an id of michelle bathan . domt hve id of michelle barilla but all info like address and contact nmbrr and tracking nmber thats all i hve

Hi. My door to door delivery has already arrived, but I was out of town when the package came. The delivery guy asked me if it’s ok if the package may be left in LBC branch instead for me to pick it up myself once I’m available. Problem is, the package was purchased online and named after my online account. Now, I can not claim my package due to identification. They asked for my ID, but my ID doesn’t reflect the name on the package. Please reply.

Hi. I have this friend whom blackmailed by an unknown person. And it happened one day, the person send her something thru LBC. But the parcel has no name of sender. How can she trace it? Hoping for your immediate response. Thanks and God bless.

We are expecting 3 boxes coming from my brother from New Jersey, USA. Usually, it was delivered after 45 days. How will I trace it? I only have the tracking # from my brother’s last package.

How can I know if my items is already delivered? Please help me. What to do because it’s almost 3 months have past, but there’s no item yet.

How long can you start tracking your cargo? I sent it March 27, and after a week, I started to track it, but it says your number is not registered. I’m looking for an answer please. Thanks!

Not sure what to do. Try to call LBC kasi sa website nila wala namang option to search tracking numbers. Maybe their customer service will have a way to find it out for you

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