Travel Budget: Mt. Pundaquit Traverse to Anawangin Cove to Nagsasa

Need assistance with creating a budget for the same trip? If yes, see expenses list below.

Note: The amounts are per person.

Bus ride from Victory Liner Cubao to Olongapo Terminal – PHP235.00

Bus ride from Victory Liner Olongapo to Cubao Terminal – PHP207.00

Foods Share [Dinner and Breakfast] – PHP200.00

Overnight Fee in Nagsasa Cove [Mang Totoy’s] – PHP100.00

Cottage with table [overnight] – PHP20.00

Guide Fee – PHP100.00

Boat ride [Anawangin Cove to Nagsasa, and Nagsasa to Capones Island to Camara to Brgy. Pundaquit] – PHP400.00

Capones and Camara Island Extra Fee – PHP100.00 [PHP50.00 each]

Gallon of Potable Water – PHP10.00

Environmental Fee – PHP20.00 [I dunno if this is legit. Before reaching the terminal in Purok 3, our car was stopped and we were required to pay this per head except the driver.]

Shower Fee [Somewhere in Brgy. Pundaquit] – PHP20.00

TOTAL: PHP1412.00

This list is based on my recent trip with four friends on November 20 to 21, 2016. It doesn’t include allowance for personal needs.

Please take note that transportation is from Victory Liner Cubao to Olongapo and vice versa only. The bus ride from Olongapo to San Antonio is not included plus the tricycle fare to Brgy. Pundaquit.

The bus ride from Olongapo to San Antonio is below 100 pesos [just guessing]. I have no idea about the trike fare since we were picked up by a friend.

We got our contact [boatman] from, but I don’t recommend him or them because we’re not satisfied with the service.

I recommend looking for another contact online, and just a tip, make sure to ask everything like meet-up details, route, fees, inclusions, et cetera to avoid disappointments and possible conflicts. Also, don’t forget to haggle.

Straightforwardly ask for an accommodating and friendly guide. That’s actually one of our frustrations because our guide is sort of creepy, reserve, and crabby. 😒

An overnight stay in Nagsasa Cove after hiking Mt. Pundaquit and with island hopping [Capones and Camara Island] isn’t expensive if going with a group.

Tip: Goods and supplies in Nagsasa are expensive, so plan the meals ahead to save money.

If transferring from Anawangin Cove to Nagsasa after hiking, the boatman will wait in the beach.

Disclaimer: Rates mentioned in this post are subject to change.

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