Disqus Comments Not Loading in Internet Explorer 9

“Sorry the browser you are using is not currently supported. To use the comments, Disqus recommends the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 9

Are you confused as to why you’re getting that error message? You are using either Internet Explorer 8 or IE9 which are supported internet browsers by Disqus and yet comments are not showing up? No worries! Let me help you fix that error.

For Blog Owners or Publishers

Note: This guide is applicable to Blogger users only. If you are using other blogging platform, you may also apply the same setting below but make sure that you know how to edit your website or blog HTML. To avoid any error, always back up your blog template before making any changes.

Before we proceed with the solution, let me tell you first the reason why Disqus comments are not loading in Internet Explorer 9.

By default, Blogger uses EmulateIE7 meta tag. What does it mean? When someone visits your blog using any version of Internet Explorer, IE will load it emulating Internet Explorer 7 which is old and buggy.

Most probably your blog template has the EmulateIE7 meta tag if you are using a free template from Blogger. How to check?

1. Login to Blogger
2. Go to Template tab
3. Select HTML.
4. Find this meta tag (CTRL + F):

That meta tag is usually located below

X-UA-CompatibleNow, do you have that meta tag saved on your blog template? If yes, follow the steps below to make sure that your blog visitors will be able to load Disqus properly using IE9.

1. Replace the meta tag above with this:

OR, simply change IE7 to IE8.

2. Save your blog template.

3. Check one of your blog posts in Internet Explorer 9.

If Disqus is still not loading, you can apply this meta tag instead:

Note: It is important to fix this issue immediately because Internet Explorer is a common browser. Check your blog stat, most probably, Internet Explorer 9 counts as the second or the third most widely used browser of your visitors. Don’t miss those people who have the interest to leave comments or feedback about your blog articles.

For Blog Visitors who are unable to load Disqus comments using IE9…

If you are a blog visitor getting the same error above using IE9, you can fix the issue on your own by following these easy steps.

1. Press F12 (Development Tools).
2. Click Document Mode then select Internet Explorer 8 standards.

Browser Mode IE9 Document Mode IE8 Standards3. Let the webpage reload automatically.
4. Disqus comments will now show up. If it doesn’t work, repeat step number 1 then change the Document Mode to Internet Explorer 9 standards. Never choose Quirks mode.

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  1. A friend of mine did the change to her computer, and she was able to comment on some blogs, but not mine (i did the change to my blog’s template.) but she said the change isn’t permanent, it keeps reverting back to IE7. Thoughts?