Txn after cut off BPI

In this blog, I will share a simple explanation about the txn after cut off or txn after cut-off status that shows on BPI Online or app.

What is Txn after cut off in BPI Online or mobile app?

Same with posting of credit card transactions, any transaction using a BPI account, say a Savings account, will have a pending or “Txn after cut off” status first. BPI then posts the transaction details after one business day or longer depending if the transaction was made over the weekend, a holiday, or whatever.

Based on my experience, the details of transactions made on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday are posted every Tuesday, but that may not be the case all the time. Factors like system issues, upgrades, holidays, etc. might cause a delay.

Here’s an example:

I made the 10 peso transaction on Saturday and the 3,999 payment on Monday:

txn after cut off bpi

It just shows the same status: “Txn after cut-off”

Now, the system posted the transaction details for both on Tuesday:

transaction details posted

I usually ignore the dates when checking transactions. However, in this case, I noticed that BPI did not post the exact transaction date for the 10 peso amount. I made it last Saturday (August 1). But then, the app shows August 3 same with the card payment. 🤔


If you noticed an unrecognized transaction with “Txn After Cut Off” status, it’s best to contact BPI right away. They can check what the transaction is for; same with pending credit card transactions.

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I find that BPI have a lousy system with transactions. They are not posted real time. If you notice any unauthorized transaction on your account, BPI will asked you to call again on the next banking day. Your money already run away with you being helpless. Uther banks can see what is the transaction immediately. I do not recommend BPI. I’ve been with them for 10 years and their service lag behind other banks now.

i made a transfer of money to gcash but it didnt arrive on gcash and the money was less on my bpi account then i check the transaction it was TXN AFTER CUT OFF what this mean. tnx

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