Unable To Shrink Space in Disk Management

If you want to have two operating systems (Dual OS) in your computer and cannot shrink space due to immovable system files, there’s a workaround for you to bypass it. Just make sure that the hard disk has enough space for you to install another operating system (e.g. Windows XP). You might want to use this second operating system to play online games without the hassle of lag issues.

To shrink space and create a new partition in your hard drive, use EaseUS® Partition Master. It’s free and you just need to install it.

1. Open EaseUS® Partition Master.
2. Right click C hard drive (or any other existing partition with available space). Choose Resize/Move Partition.
3. Allocate space for the new partition. See screenshot below.

EaseUs Partition

Move the circle icon form left to right to allocate space for the new partition (e.g. 5GB). You should leave enough space on the main drive. Click on OK.

4. Right Click Unallocated file system and choose create partition.

Create Partition
5. Under Create Partition Window, just click OK. If you want to change the drive letter, you may do so.

Partition Letter
6. Click Apply (Check Icon) to reboot your pc and it will automatically run the necessary configuration to create the new partition.

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