Problem Updating iTunes to 10.7

Are you having problem updating iTunes to 10.7? If you click the download button, nothing happens. You try to reboot and it still the same. You might find a lot of workaround online such as winsock reset, disabling firewall and AV, update Windows etc. One of them might work but it might affect other software installed in your PC.

Instead of immersing yourself on net looking for a working solution, a simple remedy for this problem is to download the installer from Apple website. Every time Apple releases a new update, they always make it available for download on their website. Even if you update directly from iTunes, it will still download the whole installer from Apple update server. It’s the same thing. 

iTunes 10.7 for Mac and Windows
Photocourtesy of iTunes
Now, after you download the installer, run it as administrator. No need to uninstall the prior version. The new version will automatically override the old files and update those. After it install, launch iTunes. Make sure that the latest version (10.7) is applied (Help – About iTunes). If you’re seeing the old version, reboot first. If still the same, uninstall it (refer to this guide from Apple). Follow the steps provided in the guide then re-run iTunes 10.7 installer. 
You don’t need to be worried about your music files. Even if you uninstall iTunes, the iTunes Library.itl file will be kept in the Music folder. It serves as a database of songs and playlists that you have created in iTunes. Any other meta file such as ratings, comments etc. are being stored in this file also. iTunes will read this file when you launch the freshly installed 10.7 and everything will get back to normal.

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