Verify Your PayPal Account With Smart Money

Another alternative to EON card in verifying a PayPal account is Smart Money. The process is also the same. PayPal will take out P100.00 in your debit card and just refund it afterwards. Before, Smart doesn’t publicly announce this even though people already discovered that Smart Money is capable of verifying PayPal account. Now, once you call their Customer Service, they are more than willing to disclose it and even guide you.

Getting a Smart Money Card will just cost you P120.00. If you don’t have one yet, apply here. It takes almost 2 weeks to have it processed.

If you already have a card and funds on it, you can verify your PayPal account now. Doing this won’t take you so long. Let’s say you already have an unverified PayPal account.

1. Just log-in to your account and in the main page/dashboard. Click Add Debit/Credit Card link in the right hand corner.

2. Supply your Smart Money Card information. Before you click the Add Card button, please ensure that you have unlocked your card already for internet transactions or else you’ll see this prompt:
This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.

To unlock your Smart Money Card:
1. In your cellphone, go to Smart Menu.
2. Go to Smart Money.
3. Choose Internet Transactions.
4. Choose Unlock.
5. Choose the name of the card that you want to unlock.
6. Key in your 6 digit PIN.
7. Wait for the text confirmation.

Remember you only have 15 minutes to do online transaction or else the card will be locked again. Unlocking your card costs P2.50.

Add Debit or Credit Card PayPal

3. Now that you have added your card. Click Confirm My Card. In the next page, just click Continue.

Confirm My Card PayPal

Confirm My Debit Card PayPal

4. Now, wait for the confirmation text of your transaction. You’ll see in the text message the 4-digit Expuse Number to verify your account. Example:

11/13 19:41 Approval of P100.00 purchase at PP*4253CODE Merchant from card.

5. Now, in your profile again, click Enter Expuse Number. A small window will pop-up. Enter the unique 4-digit expuse number that PayPal assigned to your account and click Confirm card.

Type In Expuse Number Provided by PayPal

6. There will be a prompt that you have successfully verified your card. Congratulations! You may now see your P100 as part of your initial balance.

PayPal card Confirmation Successful

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