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Western Union: How to Claim an International Remittance in USSC

In this guide, you will learn how to claim a remittance sent via Western Union abroad, for example United States, in any USSC service store nationwide.

If the money that you are going to receive is from the United States of America [USA] or Mexico, you should take note of the city as well, for example Cupertino, California or Chihuahua, Mexico.

It is not necessary to write the amount on the form in Philippine Peso. If the remittance value is in US dollars or in other foreign currency, a representative will proactively offer you to convert or encash it to Philippine Peso. USSC’s money conversion is just so-so in my opinion. I think they profit from it as well.

Now, you know the requirements. Next is the procedure.

How to Claim a Remittance Sent via Western Union Abroad in a USSC Branch [First Transaction]

A USSC stall that offers Western Union money transfer services. This one is located in Robinsons Galleria [Level 1].
A USSC stall in Robinsons Galleria [Level 1].
Forms shelf
Forms shelf

1. Get an International R form [short for Receive] and fill it out. See an example here. I can’t remember if it is green or yellow, but make sure to get two [agent’s and carbon copy]. The latter is yours to keep for reference.

The information to fill out in the form are:

  • Money Transfer Control Number [MTCN], for example 8469426350.
  • Country of Origin, e.g. United States.
  • City & State, e.g. Cupertino, California.
  • Remittance Amount, US$170.45
  • Receiver’s Information – Your complete name, place and date of birth [MM/DD/YYYY], nationality, mobile number, email address, present and permanent address, occupation or nature of business, employer or business name, ID number, and relationship to sender.
  • Sender’s Complete Name [Company or individual]
  • Signature

13 replies on “Western Union: How to Claim an International Remittance in USSC”

I tried to use philhealth before since that’s my only I. D, and they said philhealth is for domestic service only.. Basically they required a primary I. D Like postal, umid, passport….Just earlier I claimed 150 box.. Fast transaction.. Thank you western union ❤️❤️Good Job

Sir/maam I just want to know if philhealth I’d can get the money from Western Union ussc worth 5,000 pesos?

Can you please send me a list of western union brances here in Manila,Philippines where i could take/widraw my money in dollars.I advise my friend to send it to me in dollars because i’ll be needing dollars here, but some of the Western union don’t allow to take money in dollars.there are only some branches where to get the money in dollars.Please help me

I have a boyfriend from Australia. He will send money through Western Union, then he said I need to get a Western Union account. Because he said, based on Australian law, the receiver need to get W.U Account, so how do I get W.U Account?

In those list of acceptable IDs for claiming cash remittances, only the NBI clearance has been specifically noted as NOT EXPIRED.

My gov’t IDs are expired. Driver’s license expired on the 18th of Dec, 2016. Yes, I have records in WU for claiming from both domestic and UK in particular. I need to claim remittance from UK.

Is it legit that all USSC branches will accept company ID? If in doubt though, will they accept combination of TIN ID or PAGIBIG loyalty card together with your company ID?

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