Where to Withdraw Money in Korea Using a BPI ATM Card

In this post, I’ll be discussing the blue BPI Express Teller ATM card which has a Cirrus logo at the back.

As long as the card’s international access has been activated, it can be used for withdrawal abroad.

To do so, just drop by any automated teller machine [ATM] which has a Cirrus logo. Some machines have a tiny print on it, so double-check.

All ATMs I have withdrawn funds before using the same card have English menu.

To withdraw smoothly, just make sure to select savings account, foreign card, and enter the correct PIN.

No other PIN will be issued for international access.

Please take note that there’s an access fee for every successful withdrawal which is 3,000 to 4,000 won as of writing [depending on the bank]. Also, BPI charges a transaction fee of $3.50 for withdrawal of any amount under $175.00. 2% of the total will be charged if beyond the said amount.

Just to share, I made my first successful withdrawal at a Shinhan Bank ATM in Incheon Airport, followed by Hana and Woori Bank in Seoul.


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