Windows 7: Installing Korean Language Pack

Would you like to install the Korean language pack on your Windows 7 PC?

In this tutorial, you will learn three things. First, you will learn how to install the Korean language pack on Windows 7 via Windows Update or through manual installation. Second, to apply it as the primary system language, and lastly, to fix the weird characters or symbols that appear on Korean programs (if you have some installed on your PC)

Language packs like Korean are ready-to-download via Windows Update. This is recommended for computers connected to the internet.

For off-line PCs, manual installation is an alternative option, but the language pack installer must be downloaded first from a PC connected to the internet, then transfer it to a USB or DVD.

System Requirements

The Korean Language Pack can be installed on Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise (32-bit and 64-bit). No parent language required.

If you are using a Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, or Professional edition of Windows 7, you should upgrade it to either Ultimate or Enterprise edition. You can buy a Windows Anytime Upgrade key online, and use it to upgrade via Windows Anytime Upgrade program without losing your files, apps and settings.

Buy an upgrade key if you need to change the display language of your PC. There is no need to upgrade if your intention is to be able to write in Korean on Windows 7, or fix the boxes or weird symbols that appear in Korean apps. Check this article on how to type in Korean on Windows 7.

To properly render the Hangul characters on a program, see Fix Weird Symbols on Korean Programs (Non-Unicode) section below.

Installing Korean Language Pack via Windows Update

To get started:

1. Click Windows Orb.

2. Go to Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Update

3. Click Check for Updates

4. Click “## Optional updates are available”

5. Find Korean Language Pack on the list. Tick the small box before it.

Korean Language Pack for Windows 76. Click OK > Install Updates

Windows Update will now download the language pack in the background.

The download size depends on the Windows 7 version. The file is smaller on 32-bit system compared to 64-bit.

The installation will start as soon as the download is complete. It will take a few minutes.

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