Withdraw Google Adsense Earnings Through Western Union

Hi everyone! In this post, I will guide you on how to withdraw your Google Adsense earnings thru Western Union. I know a lot of Pinoys out there find online blogging a way to earn big. I even prove to myself that you can earn higher than the usual pay you get from your job lol. Now, before you can receive any payments from Google, you need to provide necessary information to Google Adsense prior to your first payout like verifying address through PIN Mailer, choosing your preferred payment method, tax information submission etc.

For newbies, you need not to manually request a PIN Mailer in Your Google Adsense Dashboard. It’s automatic. If you already hit the $10 threshold, don’t do any manual request. Google will automatically send your PIN Mailer and you can check it on your dashboard anytime you want. Just be sure that you provided your complete name and mailing address to avoid any conflict with the delivery. My advise would be to put your complete name including the middle name and don’t forget any single detail about your mailing address. If you already consumed your two remaining manual requests option and still you haven’t received any mail, I advise you to email Google, as far as I know they will give you another option to verify your mailing address by emailing a copy of your utility bill.

Verify Address Procedure Google Adsense Photo

I received mine after 3 weeks actually. As you can see from the screenshot above, the PIN Mailer was processed on Aug 19, 2011 and I received it on September 12. This is how the PIN Mailer looks like:

 Google Adsense PIN Mailer Sample Photo
Also, before you receive any payments from Google, you need to submit your tax information which is very easy for us. For Filipino bloggers or site owners, just choose the option – Non-US Resident. And lastly, choose your payment method – Western Union Quick Cash.

Now, if you already hit the $100 threshold, you just need to wait until Google Adsense finished processing your payout. Usually, it is being processed starting the 26 of every month. I’m not sure if anyone have experienced getting their payment before the 26th but it will be processed until the 30th of each month. It’s normal that the MTCN No. posting is delayed and just be patient until it is posted in your dashboard. So, what to do now that you have the MTCN no. already.

1. The first thing that I do is I’m calling Western Union Customer Service to verify the MTCN No. because like others, I don’t want to be bothered by having a wrong MTCN No. once I drop by to any Western Union branch. Usually, you can withdraw your earnings within or after 24 hours. Based on my experience, I withdraw it the next day after Google posted the MTCN No.

Western Union Customer Service Hotline:
Domestic Toll-Free Dial:
1-800-1-888-1200 or GLOBE 1-800-9-888-1200
Metro Manila Residents:02 888-1200

2. After you verified that your MTCN No. is ready for pick-up, you may now go to any Western Union branch near your place and don’t forget to bring the following:

a. 1 Valid ID – Before, Western union is asking for 2 IDs but now you only need one. It will be much better if you present a government issued ID like Postal, TIN, SSS etc. Any other IDs like School ID, Private Company ID etc are also accepted but if you want to make sure that your ID will be honored by Western Union, call the Customer Service and they will verify it for you.

b. Copy of the following information:
Exact Amount that you will receive (In US Dollars):
  e.g. 150.00
Name of Sender and Address: e.g. Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
You also need to put your relationship to the sender in the Receive Money form. In this case, just put Employer.

Look at the photo below, I’m sorry if it’s not clear.

Western union Receive Money Form Google Adsense Sample

Here are the list of things that you should consider  or know when withdrawing your earnings:

1. Don’t go to Western Union Agents like pawnshops. Go directly to any Western Union Office branch because you may be required to render just government IDs and sometimes the dollar conversion rate is very low. I’m not saying that all of them offer low conversion rate but there are some that offer 44PHP up per dollar rate. You just need to know a better place to exchange your dollars. If you’re satisfied with the Western Union Exchange Rate, just go ahead and tell the teller that you wish to receive the money in PESO. Also, beware of fraud money changers. Count your money before you leave.

2. You need to withdraw your earnings within 30 days or else it will be sent back to Google.

3. It’s not necessary to find a Western Union branch offering Quick Cash. Any branch you prefer will do as long as they process “Receive Money” requests.

4. The total amount of money that you’re requesting to withdraw is subject to Documentary Stamp Tax knowing that it’s an international remittance. The tax is 0.15% of the total amount or PHP0.30 per PHP200.00 remittance.

5. Lastly, don’t post any screenshot of your earnings directly from your dashboard. You might get reported and banned. I know it’s worth telling everybody how great Google Adsense is but be careful not to show it publicly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment below and I will answer it as soon as I can. I can also give Google Adsense Tips to boost your earnings.


  1. By Priya Ramcharan on

    Hello, I live in Suriname and the local banks won’t deposit my Adsense cheque. We have a lot of Western Unions in Suriname and I would like to know if I could cash my cheque there…


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