WordPress App: Adding Heading Tags

One of the challenges when I started to use WordPress app was adding headings. I thought it’s not possible because I can’t seem to find a straightforward option, until I realized that there’s a text/HTML editor.

How to Heading [iOS Version]

I’m not going to discuss in detail what to click from opening the app. I’ll start instead in the post editor.

To start, tap or click the angle brackets or chevrons icon in the toolbar. See screenshot below.

Text/HTML Editor option

The option enables the text editor where a user may add HTML tags manually like headings [h2, h3, h4, h5 or h6].

So, if I want to make a subtitle an h2, I’ll put <h2> before the first word and </h2> after the last one.

Adding a heading tag

To go back to the visual editor and to view the result, just tap the same icon.

That’s it! Kind of tedious, isn’t it? Imagine if there are lots of subtitles to add a heading tag.

I hope WordPress will introduce an easier process someday. Like highlight, then press the button.

Note: This guide is applicable to WordPress 6.5 users.

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