YesAsia Review

For the second time, I’ll be reviewing another online shopping website. It is no other than YesAsia.

There are two YesAsia sites. The first one is the North America site, and the other one is the Global site. Both are identical. Most of the item prices are the same. Same payment methods are offered. The checkout procedure is also the same. The only obvious difference I know is the North America site ships orders to Canada, and the United States, while the Global site ships orders to the rest of the world aside from the two countries mentioned. Additionally, the North America site ships orders to APO, DPO, and FPO addresses. Anyway, in this review, I’m going to focus more on the Global site since I often place an order there. Take note, an account created in the Global site can be used as well in the North America site, and vice versa.

A Quick Introduction about YesAsia

YesAsia, formerly known as AsiaCD, was founded in 1998. They are selling various entertainment goods such as CDs, DVDs, magazines, official artist goods, photo books, toys, video games, and even electronic gadgets. Their headquarters is located in Hong Kong. They also have offices located in the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

Before, I only buy items on YesAsia for my friends. However, a few months ago, I started buying different items there to add to my collections. The experience is consistently good. That’s why I created this post. I would like to share some information, and comment about the services of YesAsia.

Website Design, Ease of Use, Security, Et Cetera

YesAsia Website Home Page

I have nothing to say much about YesAsia’s website. It is user-friendly, secure (Verified by Verisign), clean, no annoying pop-ups and the design is not so fancy. If there are things I want them to improve, I hope they will consider:

1. Adding an autocomplete or autosuggest feature in the search box, because sometimes, it takes a few minutes before I find the item I’m looking for. It’s either the item’s name is shortened, or the spelling is different. If I’m having trouble finding an item, I use Google Search instead. It’s more effective, and smarter compared to the search box on YesAsia.

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