YesAsia Review

2. Also, it will be convenient if they add translation of some Korean, Japanese, and Chinese items’ product information in English. Just like Editorial Description which can be viewed in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

3. And lastly, update some outdated articles in the Customer Support section.

Item Pricing and Discount

Pricey. That’s how I describe most of the items on YesAsia. I think it’s because they are a merchant, or a trader. They usually import goods to be sold on their website, and most likely, they are paying customs fees. To recover the money paid, they are adding an amount to the suggested retail price of an item. Well, this is just my presumption.

They offer free shipping for orders amounting to $39 and above, but moneywise, you will not get any savings unless some items are on their fair prices, on sale, or you use discount coupon. Some items are too pricey especially the big, weighty, bulky, and rare ones. See example below.

B.A.P Photobook - Recording Take 3 (Limited Edition)

B.A.P Photobook – Recording Take 3 (Limited Edition) costs $54.99 on YesAsia. By the way, all items on YesAsia are in US Dollars ($). It can be viewed in a local currency for reference only.

Now, going back, if they are the remaining online shop with an on hand copy of that item, sure, I will consider buying it from them. However, it is still available on other shopping websites like Gmarket. It only costs $28.00 there. Right! I can get a discount from YesAsia because the item is eligible for free shipping, but I would rather buy it on Gmarket because I can get bigger savings there if I use a discount coupon.

List price, discount rate, and the after-discount value are usually shown in most ads on YesAsia. See screenshot above. It looks good, however in the eyes of haulers, experienced, frequent, or occasional online shoppers, it is just a form of sales gimmick, or whatever. The list price is far from the suggested retail price (SRP). Though most items are pricey, YesAsia also puts some items on sale. Those items were either released months or years ago. Of course, they don’t put new items immediately on sale.

Items on sale are usually listed under the Great Deals page. Every shopping department or category has it. Also, there’s a Price Drop page which lists repriced items.

Discount coupons are free. Some are announced on the website while some customers get it through third-party websites like RetailMeNot,, Groupon, et cetera. Discount coupons are in a form of an alphanumeric code. It has restrictions and limitations. It can be redeemed during checkout.

I rarely apply coupons to my orders because most of them are not applicable.

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