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Shipping and Handling

YesAsia offers two shipping options: Express and Standard. The estimated delivery time frame for Express shipping is 2 to 5 business days while Standard shipping takes 6 up to 14 business days.

YesAsia forwards orders in different courier companies such as USPS, Toll Global Express, Hong Kong Postal Service, UPS, TNT, DHL, Sagawa, and FedEx. I currently live in the Philippines, and based on my experience, Express shipping method is always handled by DHL, while Standard is handled by Toll Global Express which is part of the Toll Group, Australia’s largest transport company.

Toll GroupOn the checkout page, it says that only Express shipping method comes with tracking number, but in reality, the Standard shipping via Toll Global Express is also traceable based on my previous orders. That’s right! It comes with a tracking number.

Here’s a proof that Standard shipping method comes with a tracking code:

And, the shipment details from Toll Global Express tracking tool.

Toll Global Express delivers very fast like DHL as what you can see in the screenshot above. I usually receive my order after two business days of placing it. No need to wait for 6 to 14 days. I don’t go to a hub or office to pick it up. There’s always an assigned courier who will deliver it in the house.

As per the shipping fees, of course Express shipping is expensive compared to Standard shipping method, thus I always order more than $39 to avail the free Standard shipping. If not, for example, I only have one or two items to order which is below the $39 threshold, I still choose Standard shipping method over Express because it’s cheaper.

I never had a delayed package. Thus, for me, YesAsia’s delivery service is awesome. YesAsia, or should I say the people in the fulfillment center pack orders properly. They usually use bubble wraps, and put the orders in a box. As a general rule, they always attach the required documents, the commercial invoices, to the packaging for customs purposes. Speaking of customs, I haven’t paid customs fees yet for any orders I placed from YesAsia. Perhaps, it is because they lower the customs value of items. In my example above, the total order is $47.97, but they declared it for $9.00 only. Not each item but the whole order. Ain’t it great?

Package from YesAsia

Bubble Wrap

Super Junior M

Additional Tip: YesAsia offers split shipment as well. That option usually appears on the checkout page. Split shipment is an extra feature which lets customers receive their orders (in stock) immediately, and the items for pre-order will be delivered later. This option charges an additional fee.

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