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Customer Support

YesAsia offers many ways to support their customers. Their website has Customer Support page where various FAQs are compiled. They also offer support service by phone and email, and on their social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

I rarely contact support. When I do, I often receive a reply from them within 24 hours. I contact them by email. Either through My Account page or Help Center.

Final Thoughts

In the introduction of this post, I mentioned that my shopping experience with YesAsia is consistently good. When I say ‘good’, I never had problems nor issues with my orders that made me unsatisfied with their service. That’s why I gave them a five-star rating. Why not four? I can give them that overall rating because of the item pricing, however I’m basing the grade on the overall satisfaction.

I recommend YesAsia to everyone. However, when it comes to savings, you can consider other websites like Gmarket, 11st, eBay, Amazon, CDJapan for Japanese goods, PlayAsia, etc. If you don’t mind paying an extra fee, prefer a fast shipping service and a good customer service, then go to YesAsia.


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