YesAsia Shopping Tutorial

Two weeks ago, I published a review about YesAsia services, and now, in this post, I’m going to teach especially newbies, about the entire shopping procedure on YesAsia. I’m going to illustrate the checkout process starting from adding items to shopping cart until order confirmation.

In order to buy items from them, you must create an account first which is very common in most online shopping websites. Registration is free. You just need a valid and working email address. To get started, go to, and click on Sign Up or Register link.

Like what I’ve mentioned on my review, there are two YesAsia websites: the North America site, and the Global site which are identical in user interface design. It doesn’t matter where you register. You can use your account on both sites. Just remember, if you’re going to ship an order to USA or Canada, then place it on the North America site. Otherwise, choose the Global site. There is an option (Change Preferences) where you can select a country, and preferred language on the home page of the website. Use it to go to your intended YesAsia site.

Searching and Adding Items to Shopping Cart

The search box is your friend whenever you look for any items such as CDs, mangas, electronic gadgets, et cetera. I mentioned on my review that YesAsia’s search box doesn’t have an auto-suggest or an auto-complete feature which I think would be helpful. If in case you are having difficulty finding an item, you can search it instead on Google, or using your favorite search engine. That’s what I do if I can’t find an item through the search box.

Some items will not appear on search results page if already out of stock. Tick the “Include Out of Stock items in results” box to verify if the item you’re looking for is indeed sold out. See screenshot below.

YesAsia Search Results

Once you have found the item, either click the title to go to the item page, or click the Add to Cart button. Click the title if you wish to know more about the item.

Item Page

On the item page, you will see the related promotions that you can grab, for example, free shipping for orders over $39.00. See screenshot above. On the same page, you will see more details about the item such as release date, publisher, item format, quality, size, inclusions, customer reviews, ship out time frame or availability, et cetera. Click the Add to Cart or Preorder button to add the item to your shopping cart.

Take note, if you added and purchased an item available for preorder, YesAsia will wait for the stock to arrive from source before they ship the entire order. It might take a few days, weeks, or a month. If you wish to receive the in-stock items immediately, you can take advantage of the “Split Shipment”. More on this in the “Checkout” section.

Shopping Cart

Before moving to the checkout page, you must go first to the shopping cart where you can update an item quantity, delete an item, check subtotal (shipping fee not included), check the ship out time frame, and enable gift options during checkout. Changing an item quantity on the item page is currently not possible. That’s why you must go to the shopping cart in order to review the items you’ve added as well. The Shopping Cart link is in the website header.

Here’s what the Shopping Cart page looks like:

Shopping Cart

Click Proceed to Checkout button after making changes to your order. “Show FREE gift options during checkout?” is optional. The service is both free, and a paid service.


Shipping Information

On the Checkout page, the first thing that you must do is to enter the recipient’s name and address where YesAsia will send the package. It is required to provide the complete details of the delivery address. A contact number and email address are also required.

Shipping Information

Below the address form, you will see the two shipping methods that YesAsia offers: Express and Standard. The fee and shipping time frame are provided beside each option. Choose “Standard” shipping to avail the free international shipping promo which is applicable to selected items, and orders over $39.00. The shipping methods are the same on both North America and Global site.

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