Review: Yoast’s Tailor Made WordPress Theme

Last February 14, Yoast officially entered the WordPress Themes market by releasing their first set of WordPress themes namely Vintage, Versatile, and Tailor Made.

I’d been monitoring new posts from Yoast for how many years now. When I started blogging, I often visit their site for articles related to WordPress, and I learned from them a lot. When I found out that they released themes, I did not think twice.

I first purchased Versatile theme to try it out, but eventually I asked for a refund because of a minor conflict with support. But, it doesn’t mean I hate their theme. What I did is I replaced Versatile with Tailor Made which is now the current theme of this blog.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some thoughts about the Tailor Made theme. From purchasing, up to its features including the reasons why I love it.

About Tailor Made

Tailor Made is a Genesis child theme which is perfect for blogs. Like the other two themes, Versatile and Vintage, it also costs $59 for a single license or website, $99 for five websites license, and $119 for twenty websites license. A license comes with one year unlimited support via email, and my favorite, unlimited updates within the license validity period.

The theme comes with the following custom widgets which helps in reducing third-party plugins:

  • Banner
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Social Icons widget
  • Facebook Box
  • Subpages
  • Tagline
  • Extended User Profile, and;
  • Big button

In this blog, we are currently using the Facebook Box widget which is in the primary sidebar. Go to this link if you’d like to know more about the other widgets. Before, we are using the Social Icons, but we removed it and, the reason will be discussed later on.

A Child Theme

Since Tailor Made is a child theme, you need to buy Genesis Framework separately from StudioPress. It costs a one-time fee of $59.95 with lifetime license and unlimited updates. So, if you are planning to buy the child theme, you will spend $118.95 in total. And every year, you need to renew your child theme license to be able to continuously receive updates and support.

You can install Tailor Made on your WordPress site immediately after checkout. The license and the theme download link will be provided after payment, and will be sent via email.


Currently, Yoast accepts payments via PayPal and Credit Card. You can either pay using your credit card or bank account, or using your balance in PayPal. If credit card, there will be a one-time verification fee around $1 which is refundable.


Installing the theme is very easy. It can be uploaded directly on a WordPress dashboard. Just make sure to install the Genesis Framework first because the system will check for it upon installing Tailor Made.

You will be asked to enter the license key once the theme is activated. Just get a copy from your email and paste it in the box under Appearance > Theme License

Voila! The theme is now ready to be customized. Go to Appearance > Customize and choose your preferred layout and any other styling.

What Made Me Decide to Buy the Theme

Aside from the fact that the theme is made by Yoast which gives me buyer confidence, there are other features as well that made me decide to buy Tailor Made.

When we shop anywhere, for example clothes, we have standards and qualities that we are looking for. We check for these things before spending our hard-earned cash. Same goes for a WordPress theme.

Here are the things I’m looking for a WordPress theme:

1. Responsive Design

As per Google Analytics, the majority of the visitors of this blog is using mobile phones, and tablets, thus we need to have a responsive theme to be able to serve the site properly and speedy to all of those users.

Test it yourself. Use the demo site link and, test it using the responsive test tools available on Google. The theme layout is very simple when rendered on a small screen with hamburger menu and search icon in the header.

Tailor Made Theme Responsive Design
2. Heading Structure

Heading structure is a major factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so it is one of my priorities. What I exactly want is a theme which doesn’t need to be tweaked like Tailor Made. The theme’s heading structure is all set most especially in the home page and single posts. There is one thing I have noticed though. In both homepage and posts, there are five H1 tags in total. I’m not really worried about it though, since as per Matt Cutt’s video on YouTube, it is possible to use multiple H1 tags on a page as long as it is not abused which I think so. I verified with Yoast if it has a negative impact on the SEO of a website, and here’s the reply:

no they don’t really matter, because they’re in JS. I’ll lower them to H4’s in a future release though.

3. Rich Snippets

Who doesn’t want their blog to appear enticingly in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)? Rich snippets are what we need too. We want search engines like Google to understand the contents of our site, and render it accordingly.

Rich Snippet

With the Tailor Made theme, the data are really structured. Test this article in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool and see it yourself. From verified authorship to every bit of information such as post date, author page, meta description, categories, tags, etc., most are included. Say goodbye to the red missing required fields!

This theme saved me from editing PHP files which I did a lot of times before.

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