Review: Yoast’s Tailor Made WordPress Theme

4. Speed

When it comes to speed test, usually bloggers use Google PageSpeed, Pingdom Website Speed Test or GTmetrix. The first one is what I use often.

The score of the Tailor Made’s demo site link in PageSpeed is 89 (No CDN and cache plugin) which is good. Now, let’s compare it to the score of this blog.

The score of this blog’s homepage in PageSpeed is normally at 86, and the posts rating is 83. The theme works fine with CloudFlare, but there’s a minor issue with the W3 Total Cache plugin. I decided to disable “Minify” because it messed up the XML sitemap of this blog which is generated by WordPress SEO plugin. I can’t really find a working solution for it, and I think the current score is already fine as long as it will not go down below 80.

Here’s the result when the blog is tested through Pingdom:

Pingdom TestAnd, the test result from GTmetrix:

GTmetrix Test5. HTML Markup

For some, this aspect can be ignored if it is not affecting the overall look of a website, but I’m kinda picky on this one. In my own opinion, there is no harm in following the web standards though most search engines do not validate.

The previous theme of this blog – Hybrid – doesn’t have red errors and only have one yellow warning which can be ignored. With Tailor Made, it has 15 errors with 7 warnings which you can check by using the demo site link.

Now, I mentioned the social icons earlier. When I installed it on the primary sidebar and activated five icons, the red warnings on the W3C HTML Markup Validator went up to 18 or so. I don’t want to mess up the widget codes, therefore I removed it instead.

The social icons can help your network grow faster. So, if you will use this theme, it is up to you whether to use the widget, a third-party plugin, or create your own.

Aside from social icons, there is one plugin on this website that causes a red error on validation which I was able to fix easily and now the markup test result is this:

This document was successfully checked as HTML5It’s green!

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