Review: Yoast’s Tailor Made WordPress Theme

6. Works Great in Popular Web Browsers (Desktop Computers)

It is a good practice to always test a theme in different browsers before buying it.

When I test a theme, I always do it in the four common web browsers the visitors are using as per the data from Analytics. Those are Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and the commonly used one, Google Chrome.

I actually forgot to do this when I bought Versatile theme. I did not know that the text in the Search Box is a bit off in Internet Explorer 10 and 11, and it is not clickable in Mozilla Firefox. I raised this concern to support, but I was informed that it is a bug, and will be fixed in the future. I was disappointed because I believe it just needs a simple tweak via CSS which is true.

Now, when I replaced Versatile theme with Tailor Made, I noticed that the Search Box on the theme is not showing entered text in Internet Explorer, and not clickable as well on Mozilla Firefox. Good thing, I have come up with a solution.

I compared all Yoast themes together, check the CSS of the search boxes working on IE and Mozilla Firefox, and I was able to discover the silver bullet. The problem bugging me for how many hours are finally fixed.

If you are planning to buy Tailor Made, do not forget to test it on different web browsers too.

7. Easy to Customize

Tailor Made comes with 10 color schemes, and any other customization options that are readily available in one place (Appearance > Customize option).

Other things that can be customized under this tab is the website and mobile logo, footer text, layout, breadcrumbs, navigation, etc.

8. Sticky Menu

Sticky Menu is one of the things I’m looking for in a WordPress theme. I just find it lovely and cool. Plus, it makes the site easier to navigate, and visitors have other options to click.

9. Simplicity

The thing that I also liked about Tailor Made is its simplicity. It is very clean that I no longer want to add any other design. And did I mention? This theme saved me from installing more plugins. Previously, there are 16 plugins in total installed in this blog, but it was cut down to 9.

10. Unlimited Support

I was disappointed with support when I’m still using the Versatile theme, though it was just a minor issue. But, I’m happy with Yoast Support now. When I purchased Tailor Made, I always receive replies from them in a few hours, or the next business day.

11. Unlimited Updates

When buying a WordPress theme, we must check as well if the designer is offering unlimited updates. A theme must be updated if necessary especially if, for example, Google, WordPress, or web browsers are updated.

Yoast mentioned on their website that they will be updating the themes after each major update of WordPress or if Google does.

Final Verdict

Are You Going to Recommend This Theme?

Definitely YES! It is worth the money and I’m very satisfied with it. Actually, this is the only theme that did not give me a headache. It took me only a few hours to set up the theme’s design and add other CSS styling. It is my first time to use a theme which I don’t need to edit PHP files.

Tailor Made has been running on this blog for two weeks now, and the stats are just fine yet improving.

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